AF - Acting Workshop in English

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Acting Workshop in English: The American Dream


Christa Mountain


Students will explore traditional acting techniques and exercises as applied to public speaking in English. They will participate in group and individual acting exercises.

Students will practice acting methodologies, for the purpose of improving speech and presentation. They will learn the art of charácter development and storytelling for the purpose of practicing acting in English. They will consider American pop culture in theatre, film and media; it’s influences and differences.

Students will practice and present, dramatic text from theatre or film, for a final project


The Instructor will teach the students traditional acting methodologies, as applied to vocal production and speech. Students will practice public speaking in English, through pop culture mediums such as media and theatre. Individual coaching will be provided to introduce the student to speech techniques used by the actor/performer, including: relaxation, natural vocal production, pronunciation, accent reduction, breathing techniques, projection and presentation.

Instructor will teach traditional Method Acting Techniques as applied to character development and storytelling to help students connect to performance in an authentic manner and enjoy the art of storytelling by way of creativity and the imagination. Students will gain practice in English, by working with text from American theatre and film and consider cultural influences and differences in their own culture. They will work in partners, small groups and individually, in various acting exercises. Students will create characters, using Method Acting approach to rehearsal and performance. Class will culminate in a final presentation.

Duración 25 horas de docencia 

Del 5 de Febrero al 14 de marzo

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Unidad de Posgrado y Doctorado - Juan de Quesada 30 "La Casita" - 35015 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Horario de atención al público: de lunes a viernes de 9:00h a 13:00h

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